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Our design process allows our team to rapidly develop and implement solutions based on our client's needs. This 4-step process is grounded in experience and sound management fundamentals. We use it to ensure that our engagements produce the best possible results in a timely and cost-effective manner.


The Discovery phase can be as brief or extended as appropriate for your project. We will work closely with your team to understand what you are looking for. We examine our client's unique situation, their needs, and the demands of the marketplace they are in to determine business goals, identify project scope and deliverables, and set the project calendar. It is during this phase that content takes shape.


The Development phase is where our experienced team (experts in graphic design, branding, typography, illustration, Flash development, and interface design) work their magic. By utilizing the detailed planning done in the Discovery phase, we work towards realizing the best possible online solution for your business.

Our focus here is on the user experience, defining user interaction, user interface, and information architecture. Content is organized and further refined. We work closely with the client to ensure every build of the project is satisfactory. As final refinements are made, interface templates are built and content is integrated.


Once the pieces are ready to be put together, we move on to the Delivery phase in which we carefully prepare for launch. At this point, our Quality Assurance team takes over and manages the rigorous test cycles your project will undergo. Test cycles can include load testing, system testing, compatibility testing, user acceptance testing and cross-browser/cross-platform testing. After these thorough tests, the website is launched.


After the launch, we measure project results against initial business metrics and objectives. We believe in cultivating a long-term partnership with our clients to ensure proper follow-through on pre-launch goals and predictions. We install analysis tools to monitor site traffic and gather user feedback. This information is then used to inform ongoing innovation and development.